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Not a Single Woman Present

Not a Single Woman Present

not a single woman present

Well…..there wasn’t a single woman who decided Roe v. Wade, but we don’t hear women complaining about men making that decision for them..
Or how about the 19th amendment? Not one woman there either. Decided entirely by men…heck, mostly WHITE *gasp!*?men for that matter.

You’re appalling. Women protested and marched for the right to make their own decisions regarding their bodies, and it wasn’t that long ago. To think that in this day and age, another woman would actually think that there should be no female representatives present to add facts, and enthusiastically show their ignorance is mind blowing. Have you ever had an independent thought?

Also, during Roe Vs. Wade there weren’t a bunch of women in congress, nor were women allowed to vote until around the same time too. Nor were there blacks. Those things were decided because of mass protests and live lost for that cause. But hey, keep proving that you’re a white privileged, ignorant, bubble head that doesn’t have to do much in life to get by,

I hear and see women protesting all the time about men making the decision for women. Why do you say that you don’t hear women “complaining.” It’s called protesting not “complaining.” I am pro-choice. That means if a women gets pregnant is solely her right and choice as to how that continues.

I don’t see how people who claim to be so inclusive can be SO judgmental based on nothing but an insignificant comparison and my skin color, sex, sexual orientation, or religion.

I am a crazy bitch, not a stupid twat.

The words below were written by a black les friend of mine.

I did judge your character. It sucks. What you fail to realize is that the reason this country is an abomination is we’ve had nothing but white men as a majority of the rule makers.

But your empty head can’t wrap your mind around THAT. I’m 52, I’m tired of white privileged idiots like you that think “It’s been good enough for me so far, let the white guys decide, I’m sure they’ll be fair to all”.

Because you can’t understand WHY people would be upset that a group of people deciding their fate has no way of relating to it, have discriminated throughout time and thus far have disregarded women as second class. I based my opinion of you from what you wrote, and your station in life and that you’re obviously clueless about the problems facing others today. You don’t want to face the fact that life is easier for you than someone that isn’t white. Don’t expect everyone to coddle you like Daddy and tell you that you’re special – you aren’t.

By the way, if you weren’t white, your words would be different.

Dolores Huerta, Presidential Medal of Freedom Achiever

Dolores Huerta “Racism, sexism, discrimination, and social and economic inequities continue dividing people of color from their white counterparts, women from men and the rich from the poor, she said. A better future can only be achieved, she said, through a grass-roots effort of organizing to demand change.”

Dolores Huerta

Dolores Huerta, a longtime civil rights leader and a champion for farmworkers, immigrants and women, visited Southwestern University on Jan. 18 as part of “Remember, Honor and Act — MLK 50,” a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy.

During her speech to a crowded room of students, teachers and community members, Huerta didn’t shy away from hot topics, which she said parallel the social and political climate of the 1960s.

Racism, sexism, discrimination, and social and economic inequities continue dividing people of color from their white counterparts, women from men and the rich from the poor, she said. A better future can only be achieved, she said, through a grass-roots effort of organizing to demand change.

“We’re in a very critical moment not only in our country but in our world,” Huerta said. “When things are so bad that people start paying attention, I say that’s a good time to organize.”

She suggested the growing divide between certain political, social and ethnic groups begins as early as prekindergarten.

“Look at the content in our schools,” Huerta said. “Somehow, it seems a whole lot of things have been left out of our educational system.” She said those omissions include the contributions from underrepresented groups in the United States, reaching as far back as the nation’s founding.

Dolores Huerta touched on a potential renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which has a major effect on trading among the United States, Mexico and Canada. She said the agreement has led to corporations taking over the production of goods from farmers in developing countries. She urged students to go beyond the ballot box and get involved through volunteering and serving on community boards.

“I do believe we’re going to have a new political revolution,” Huerta said, adding that recent wins for Democrats in Alabama and Virginia back her theory. Dolores Huerta created the Agricultural Workers Association and co-founded the united Farm Workers. Working alongside César Chávez, she was arrested 22 times for protesting, helped lead a highly publicized and successful grape boycott, and coined the phrase “Si, se puede” (“Yes, we can”).

Dolores Huerta has earned numerous honors, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

“Dolores Huerta has been an inspiration to our community for a very long time,” said Marissa Madrid-Ortega, president of the university’s Coalition for Diversity and Social Justice, which co-sponsored the event. The school recently obtained rights to stream “Dolores the Movie,” a documentary about her work and life.

“It’s amazing to see someone who looks like me — another Latina — who was able to continue that activism all throughout her life,” Madrid-Ortega said. Nadia Siles, an engineer at Samsung Austin Semiconductor, attended the event after watching the documentary. She said she sees her hardworking mother and activist sister in Huerta.
“I had never been an activist. I was a bystander watching,” Siles said as she was overcome with emotion. “She took me from just watching the news to actually wanting to be involved and go out and volunteer anddo more.”

Is American Conservatism Inherently Bigoted?

Conservative Bigotry


“Is American conservatism inherently bigoted?” asked Peter Beinart.

(Click on video at right.)

For many liberals, the answer is obviously “Yes.” President Trump’s attacks on Mexicans, Muslims, and other minorities, combined with his half-hearted repudiations of white supremacists, have made Repub­lican racism almost an article of faith in Democratic politics.

But efforts to shame conservatives have backfired horribly. “Outrage at political correctness-fueled by the conviction that charges of bigotry are used to shut down legitimate discussion-has become more central to American conservatism.”

After being constantly stigmatized as racists and homo­phobes, conservatives have adopted a siege mentality and are expressing more racial and cultural resentments.

“Liberals would be wise to recog­nize this vicious cycle” and stop wielding the epithets “racist,” “bigot,” and “anti-Semitic” so promiscuously. Republicans do bear responsibility for renouncing egregious racists in their midst, as well as policies, such as Voter ID laws, that clearly have racial consequences.

But to halt “the downward spiral” of cultural division, self-righteous liberals should re­mind themselves that values evolve over time, and that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama publicly opposed gay marriage until five years ago.

Were they bigots until 2012? “Hatred and scorn” are easy. Empathy and persuasion are hard-but without them, our divisions will only deepen.