Topless protester tries to steal Jesus from Nativity at Vatican

god is woman

Police in Rome on Christmas day detained a topless protester after she tried to remove the baby Jesus from the Vatican’s Nativity scene. The woman was wearing only pants and shoes. A photographer from Reuters news agency said the woman jumped over guard rails and rushed onto the nativity scene shouting, “God is woman!” She had the same message written on her back.

Alisa Vinogradova
Sextremist Femen activist

Video of the moment posted to Twitter shows the topless woman being tackled to the ground by a police officer in a black cape, right in the middle of the nativity scene with a statue of the mother of Jesus looking on. The protester managed to get her hands on the naked baby Jesus, but it was left dangling from the manger as the cop, quickly joined by several others, wrestled with her.

Activista de FEMEN intenta robar al niño Jesús

Activista de FEMEN intenta raptar al niño Jesús del nacimiento gigante del Vaticano mientras grita “Dios es Mujer”.

Posted by Newsweek en Español on Monday, December 25, 2017

The Ukrainian “sextremist” Alisa Vinogradova was identi›ied by her fellow members of the international feminist activist organization, Femen, on group’s the website. The group is known for its topless activists who challenge patriarchies around the world.

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