LGBT Foster Kids are the Responsibility of OUR Community

LGBT Youths

LGBT youths should be the top priority of the embattled Texas Child Protective Services.

I see and recognize an extreme danger here to the youths in our community. I feel that everyone who is LGBT should make it a priority to help our youths in our community from the dangers of those who disagree with our life style and feel that they must fix it. If you know of a solid LGBT family that would consider taking one of our youths into your home and provide a safe and supportive environment, I feel that it is your obligation to thoroughly discuss the issue then contact Child Protective Services of the decision.

Texas officials have unveiled a plan to work side by side with churches and faith leaders to recruit foster families to address the backlog of children in need of safe and nurturing homes. Some fear that such a heavy reliance on churches and faith communities might have an adverse impact on LGBT youth, making them even more vulnerable to rejection and placement disruption. Considering the platform state lawmakers have given reparative and conversion therapy efforts in recent years, it would be very easy for foster families to force youth to take part in these dangerous practices.

I read about every week where an LGBT youth commits suicide after being forced to say that gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexuality is a horrible sin that must be ridden from their life.

I recall an article last month where a 17 year old went to a Florida Christian based Teen Challenge for court ordered drug treatment. After arriving back home he announced that he was no longer gay, that they had not only cured his drug addiction but also cured his homosexuality. Everyone that knew him, including family, knew instantly that something was not right. They knew who he was born as and what he was living as. Three days later he committed suicide.

Involving churches in placing foster kids is probably good for non LGBT youths, but LGBT youths should be out of their reach since Christians and other religions firmly feel that the LGBT life style is a sin, what ever that is, and that they will go to hell if not changed. If placed in such an environment the motive of accepting the kid by the foster parent was probably motivated by their desire to pursue what they think is their gods demand to change such behaviors to those taught in the very prejudiced and biggitous book that they refer to as the Bible.

Perhaps the state should consider a recruitment effort that is equally as aggressive in targeting progressive families who have the capacity and willingness to provide safe, accepting and affirming homes to LGBT youth. Furthermore, all foster families should be provided with training that addresses the impact that rejection can have on LGBT youth. A seminal study assessing the importance of family acceptance found that youth with rejecting caregivers are nearly eight times more likely to attempt suicide, six times more likely to be depressed, and 3½ times more likely to engage in risky sex associated with HIV infection than those youth with accepting caretakers.

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