8 Point Doe Transgender Deer

8 point doe

Transgender 8 point doe takes on the world

A Massachusetts hunter bagged what he thought was a large buck deer. Doe deer usually weigh around 150 pounds. Bucks around 185. This one weighed 220 pounds hand had a great rack of horns.

Then someone noticed something unusual. “Looks like female stuff to me!”

You think that the bucks had a problem banging a doe 40 pounds larger than them and with larger horns? Better make her happy guys!

“Every year we get reports of does with antlers, but generally speaking, they still have velvet on them,” a game warden said. “On average, you’re looking at 1 in 1,000 does having antlers of some kind.”

“There are different theories that scientists think cause antlers to grow in does,” Ravana explained. “Most scientists believe that does have the latent capacity to grow antlers. It’s just that they don’t have the testosterone to initiate antler growth.”

And those that do develop antlers will often have small nubs, or antlers covered in velvet, which consists of living tissue that nourishes the antlers during their growth phase.

“One of the things that crossed my mind when I heard about the 8 point doe, being hardened antlers and being so large in size, is that this might actually be a pseudohermaphrodite,”

“I didn’t get a look at the 8 point doe, but there might have been vestigial testes in the animal. It could have been an actual hermaphroditic deer — an animal having both male and female parts — which would increase the level of testosterone in the animal and initiate the antler growth and the subsequent shedding of the velvet.”

Damn, even deer have a hard time being understood when they are transgender. That makes me feel a little better.

If there are transgender 8 point does, it is not a long stretch to see that this is a natural phenomenon. All of nature has the capacity to identify with the gender that they identify with. Shit, just born that way y’all

NBC News on 8 point doe

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