Transgender Dolls Now on Sale

jazz jenny
WASHINGTON — A New York dollmaker says it will be selling what it believes is the first transgender doll on the market.

The doll is based on Jazz Jennings, the teenage trans-gender subject of the TLC documentary series “I am Jazz.” It will make its debut at the New York Toy Fair next week and be available on the Tonner Doll Co.’s web site and in specialty stores in July.

A spokesman for the company said the 18-inch doll, made using a “genderless” plastic mold typical of most dolls, is being tested for children ages 8 and older and is expected to retail for $89.99.

In comparison, the popular mass-market “American Girl” 18-inch dolls, which come with a book, sell for $115 on

jazz jenny

Tonner Doll, which is based in Kingston, N.Y., said Friday that the “Jazz” doll is being launched as a test for the specialty-retail market and will be sold in 25 to 50 stores.

The doll was designed and sculpted by company founder Robert Tonner.

Jennings appeared at age 6 on a Barbara Walters “20/20” special in 2007. She has identified as a female since she could talk, her parents told ABC News.

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