Queen of Ethiopia

Hi there,

We are going to have to talk straight to get through this.

This is causing me tremendous emotional stress, and I can’t go on like this.

You plan the whole thing, tell me what and when to do it. If a motel is preferred, we will go there. Plan it to your schedule.

I will stay ‘clean’, till then, because I want to be me.

Maybe meeting at the motel on s congress south of here. It’s do or die now.

Tell me what you want me to be there with, and I will. It’s now Sunday, so I will be able to have anything. Lets do this, I beg you. Tell me what to do, and I will. Period. Name your price. i will not be shy. Don’t you either.

You can comment here. Noone who reads this site knows anything about this. I need a yes or no, and what if yes.

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